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Business Opportunity

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It is simple and easy to assume distributorship with the Skinny Body Care Company. Why? Well, it is so much more economical than other business opportunities. If you are interested in being a Skinny Fiber distributor, there is a registration fee of only $10. This doesn’t even have to be paid up front. It is added to the first order and paid when you make your first commission. After the first week, you will receive $8 without doing anything. The only prerequisite to making commissions with Skinny Fiber is taking one bottle of the product on auto ship.

Fast Start Bonus and Earnings

There is a fast start bonus when distributing the Skinny Fiber weight loss supplements or upon a new customer placing an order directly from your website. By the way, the website is free with the business. The distributorship is determined by ranking as follows:

  • Earn between $25 to $30 on 1 bottle

  • Earn $50 to $60 for two bottles plus get 1 bottle for free

  • Earn $75 to $90 for 3 bottles plus 3 bottles for free

  • Earn $100 to $120 when you order 5 bottles get 5 free with your distributorship order

  • Earn $200 to $240 when you order 10 bottles get 10 free with your distributorship order

The Skinny Fiber Business Opportunity

This is only the start of something special because there are other ways that distributors can earn commissions in the Skinny Fibre Business opportunity. There are distributors who do this on a part time basis and as a hobby, but there are others who take this more seriously as a full-time gig. Similar to any prosperous business opportunity, your income is dependent on the time you put in and the effort you make. The opportunity is worldwide and available in countries that speak English, Russian, Spanish, French and Dutch.

To sign up immediately for this business opportunity, you will receive:

  • A month supply of the Skinny Fiber weight loss supplements (depending on the package you select)

  • The potential to make unlimited income

  • No experience necessary

There are distributors with no experience in the industry who have recruited more than 200 distributors and customers. You can do the same too! The best testimonial for you is to use the product, lose the weight and have people notice the result. All you have to do after that is to refer interested people to the website and you are in business!

You have the flexibility of working from home during your spare time. If you want to do this full time, you can register for a Facebook page and announce a support group for weight loss to attract followers for Skinny Fiber pills and specifically, the distributorship program.

At Skinny Body Care Company, we train you on how to be successful at this. We would certainly enjoying working with you and adding you to our team of Skinny Fiber distributors.

Disclaimer for Earnings and Income

Our focus is to accurately represent earnings for our products and services. We provide estimates only of the projected income potential. There are no guarantees to what you can earn. Once you sign up, you accept the fact that statements related to income and earnings are different for each individual. As with any other business opportunity, the results fluctuate and are based on a number of things such as experience, level of passion, motivation, and expertise. Check out this SBC opportunity now!